this photo of my new retro vespa that i bought last week, i’m very lucky to have one of this variant. It’s Cheap, but hard to find the good one. I’m not a modificator freak, so I buy the vespa consider to minimum damaged at the body & engine. happy birthday to me!!!! this is a present for my self ^^d


About jiwakualamkuduniaku
I'm a father of 3 children and love all about photography, live in bandung-west java, and also love gardening, riding vespa, and camping in free time.

2 Responses to MY NEW RETRO VESPA

  1. kaie w. bird says:

    Awesome new toy!!! Congrats!

  2. ardi says:

    iy bro. Scoter ane jg ditahan minta 300rb bro. Banyak yg janggal diberkas tilangnya. Wah memang bkn manusia tuh oknum. Smp skarang blm w ambil. Biar aj w bkn kapok tuh oknum satu hr nanti.

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