Need Advice for my trailer

Now I am in the process of making the trailer for my Vespa, already 2 weeks since the trailer was made using a vespa super body “76. Now the stage is being putty, to patch up the damaged part due to the welding process. The Trailer that be a reference basis for making my trailer is a trailer who owned by Mr. Mudge from England.

I do love the hitch system [similar to the UNI-GO hitch], using a cross joint is commonly used for automobile steering system makes the trailer more stable when to maneuver on the highway. But the first error that I feel is due to the absence shock breaker to dampen vibration, the trailer was a little wild when used in concrete roads or bumpy road [My Country road is suck] . Now I use a Vespa engine block without a gearbox, its basic function is used for the rear wheels only, so the inside of the engine is not used at all. But the trailer so heavy and skewed to the right, finally i decide to fill the left trunk. By installing shock breaker, eventually trailer feels more stable, even when used in the speed of 70km / hour, it’s very comfortable when turning.


To reduce the weight of the trailer, I need advice from you guys for the machine can be replaced with another part that can be used to hold the rear tires. For now there is no picture that I can show to you, when it has finished surely I will upload the photos. wait for the premiere … : D


About jiwakualamkuduniaku
I'm a father of 3 children and love all about photography, live in bandung-west java, and also love gardening, riding vespa, and camping in free time.

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