I have 3 motorcycles Vespa, vespa P150S, 1980, and two 1993 Vespa P150X. P150S 1980 is my first vespa, a gift from my wife for my birthday when i was 29th. Vespa was given to me as recalled memories before we married, we were always around in the city of Bandung by driving a Vespa.

After 1.5 years of driving a Vespa P150S, vespa last week was sold to a friend who really wanted a vespa. though with a heavy heart to sell it, I was satisfied with the selling price. money from the sale of my vespa PS I use to pay the cost of repairing my 1993 Vespa P150X and build vespa trailer. right now Vespa trailer is still in the process of welding and installation of rear wheels.

This image P150S vespa 1980 which have been sold last week.


About jiwakualamkuduniaku
I'm a father of 3 children and love all about photography, live in bandung-west java, and also love gardening, riding vespa, and camping in free time.

3 Responses to MY VESPA

  1. kaie w. bird says:

    What a beauty and what a lucky friend to have this as their FIRST vespa to ride! So classy. They are lucky to have such a great friend! = )

    • yep 😀 he’s so lucky. Now i’m doing DIY trailer for my vespa. not original, but it’s so hard to build. almost 2 weeks, trailer can’t do anything. still in progres for the hitch, hope this weekend everything done. wish me luck 😀

  2. You can buy it back if Allah swt gave you more rizk

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