kayaknya masih error deh…kok gak bisa pasang posting baru ya??? hmmmmm..


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saya kira wordpress kku sudah tidak bisa terakses, karena tahun kemaren malah sudah aku hapus accountnya berhubung sudah gak bisa diakses karena virus.

ternyata masih bisa….yup…semangat lagiiii!!!!


this photo of my new retro vespa that i bought last week, i’m very lucky to have one of this variant. It’s Cheap, but hard to find the good one. I’m not a modificator freak, so I buy the vespa consider to minimum damaged at the body & engine. happy birthday to me!!!! this is a present for my self ^^d

I Bought One

my vespa [exclusive ’93] sold to a friend, and i just bought a vespa super ’76 yesterday. 3 years i waiting for that vespa, finally she’s in my garage. Yippppiiieeee!!!


I want to have a Lambretta and vespa 90 ss. My chest feels congested every time that two scooters variant pass by and the owner say hello to me and I just use a regular vespa…P150X Exclusive 93…Aaaarrrrgggghhhh!!!!

Could this be a dream that will only bother me every day ??, or be an obsession to have both. You’ll see, I’ll have both before I become  40 years old. If I do not have a Lambretta and Vespa 90 ss on my birthday is the 40th, I’ll sell all my vespa!


After a month of working on my vespa trailer, finally it was finished. in 30 June to 1 July  2012, I was brought to the vespa trailer to the vespa event for celebrate PISA vespa group in Cimahi waterfalls, also on December 7 and 8 July, I brought to the event in Pangandaran beach for a birthday celebration PALAS vespa group. Everything going well, and the performance of the engine and the trailer is quite satisfactory.

I say thank  to colleagues and relatives who have helped me for build this trailer vespa. Once again …. THANK YOU!!!. I love you all.!


My trailer painting process was quite difficult , I had to repeat several times in order to get results like that I want. Last weekend I took my trailer to try performance, and it’s have a little problem, the joint quality is bad. I should be improved a little to make me feel comfortable when carrying it, or maybe have to replace it.